Vegetable Frittata

Okay so I just realized that I deleted the recipe for this vegetable frittata, so I can’t share it with you today. That’s okay though because it wasn’t that great of a recipe. I wasn’t impressed with it when I made it, so I just deleted the picture of the recipe off of my phone as soon as I was done. I took the picture of the recipe from a magazine I was looking at in Alabama, so I have no way of getting the recipe back. I will still talk about the recipe and share my pictures though because it is counting in my recipes for the summer!

I already told you, but I will say it again! A Vegetable Frittata is in my belly today!!

For starters lets talk about why I thought I would love this recipe! VEGGIES!!! It has some of my favorites!! It has mushrooms, peas, peppers, and BROCCOLI!! Look at all of those colorful veggies!!!

Blog Pic #80The other reason I thought this recipe would be good was because it had feta cheese in it! Yummy! I love that stuff, but unfortunately you couldn’t really taste it in the frittata:( The whole frittata didn’t have very much taste at all which was a major bummer:(

Blog Pic #81It’s kind of hard to tell in the picture above, but the bottom of the frittata got kind of burnt! I am not sure if I did something incorrect, or if it’s just very likely to happen in a skillet, but either way it was a bit black on the bottom. On the bright side, the burnt taste wasn’t very strong. We caught it right away, so we immediately took the entire frittata out of the skillet to prevent further burning.

Blog Pic #83So this recipe will not be made again! I will have to find a different egg recipe that involves tons of veggies and actually tastes good!


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