Cracker Snack Mix

Fair warning!! Once you start munching on this, you can’t stop! It’s dangerous to have around! We only make it when we have a big gathering to go to. This is probably a good thing because A, it preserves the specialness, and B, it keeps us from eating the entire batch (which is quite large! possibly enough to almost fill a brown bag from the grocery store!)

It was sitting right on the kitchen table this morning when I woke up this morning….so guess what’s already in my belly?

Cracker Snack Mix! Have you ever heard of Christmas Crack? it’s a super addicting saltine toffee with chocolate on top! Anyway the point is they call it Christmas Crack because it’s so darn addicting. Because this mix is so addicting too, maybe we could call it CRACKer Snack Mix! It doesn’t actually change how the name is said, but when it’s written, it emphasizes the addictive quality!

Blog Pic #95Look at all the variety in this mix!! I love every piece. There’s goldfish, cheez-its, mini club crackers, pretzels, cheese bugels, mixed nuts, and wheat thins! My favorites are the mini club crackers, the wheat thins, and the nuts!! My least favorite is the bugels because I think they taste juicy…:P The original recipe calls for a whole lot of bugels, but I put very few in this batch for two reasons. One, I very much dislike bugels, and two, they were all out at the store.

Blog Pic #96Oh I forgot to mention, but you may have already figured out, this recipe is not NEW for me or my family, so it does not count in my 100 recipes for the summer! It’s just so amazing that I needed to share it! We got this recipe from my aunt Mary. She always seems to bring the best snack mixes to our family parties, and this is one of her bests (alongside the ranch pretzels which are to die for!!)

Blog Pic #97

I changed the recipe quite a bit like I always do, but I kept the seasoning the same! It’s one of those recipes that you can adjust to fit your tastes! I would also suggest adding a little more of some things in the recipe because there will be plenty of oil to stir in more crackers! We just guesstimate when adding more of things! This is a very forgiving recipe:)

I’ll give you her recipe, and mark with () where I made my changes!!

CRACKer Snack Mix

6 cups mini pretzels (added extra to make up for bugels)

12 cups mini bugels (not added to our mix)

1 pkg (11oz) mini club crackers or other butter flavored crackers (added extra to make up for bugels)

1 pkg (10oz) wheat thins (added extra to make up for bugels)

1 pkg (9.25oz) original cheez-its (we used white cheddar because we had cheddar goldfish to use up, added extra to make up for bugels)

1 pkg (7.5oz) cheese bugels (no extra for me)

1 pkg (6oz) parmesan goldfish (we used cheddar because that’s what we had, and added extra to make up for bugels)

1 cup mixed nuts (added lots of extra!!)

1 bottle Orville Redenbacher butter flavored popcorn oil

1 envelope ranch salad dressing mix

2 tablespoons garlic powder

1. Combine first 8 dry ingredients (the crackers)

2. In a small bowl, combine oil, dressing mix, and garlic powder. Pour over crackers and toss carefully.

3. Put on 4 jelly roll pans and bake at 250F for 45 min. Stir and rotate pans every 15 min.


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