Rocky Road Cookie Fudge Bars

You know how you make tons of great plans for the summer? So many high expectations are set for all the wonderful stuff you are going to pack into the 3 months, but then summer comes and you get busy, and things get crazy, and you start working, and things get pushed back! I know I am not the only one this happens to! Well at the end of the school year, my friends and I were making plans to visit each other in the summer. We all live about an hour or two away from each other, so we knew it would be hard, but we were confident we could make it happen. Now it is the end of July and we still haven’t found time to visit! Well at least until a couple of days ago. One of my friends was at her grandparents house, and they live close to me, so I got to see her!!! It was so wonderful to see her again! We did lots of talking and of course baking!

So not only do plans with friends get pushed back, but plans for recipes also get pushed back! I have had today’s recipe bookmarked in my cookbook since I first bought it back during the school year!

Regardless of the long time it took to make it, I am so happy my belly finally got the chance to eat one of these gooey and chocolate-y bars!!! Better late than never, right?

Blog Pic #185Making this recipe brought up the question of what exactly constitutes “Rocky Road”? The recipe called for either almonds or walnuts, but I thought “rocky road” involved peanuts! So of course I had to look it up on Google. What I found was that “Rocky Road” is just chocolate, marshmallows, and nuts. The nuts listed were either walnuts or almonds. So I was wrong:(…, or so I thought. Today I was going through some cookbooks and found a bunch of “Rocky Road” recipes that had peanuts…? So my conclusion is “WHO CARES??” Just use whatever nuts you want! Or skip the nuts all together and just make it chocolate and marshmallows…but then I don’t think you can call it “Rocky Road” because if you ask me “Rocky Road” needs some rocks!

Blog Pic #186



WHO CARES!! Just make the bars for goodness sake!

We made them with walnuts because we had the perfect amount, plus I love walnuts! The bars were so sticky and lovely. We had to cut them a little early because I had to leave before they were finished cooling, so they were especially sticky which made them look all the more appetizing! The ones in the pictures were taken when the bars had cooled. I would totally recommend heating them up before eating them though! You’ll get messy, but it will be worth it!!:)

Blog Pic #184

The recipe is in that Dessert Mashups cookbook I love! The author is the writer for the blog! I am still nervous about posting the recipe, so for now I will just encourage you to buy the cookbook!

Blog Pic #104

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