Snickers Apple Salad

Do you ever have those times when you start craving something that you had a long time ago, but when you finally taste it again, it falls short of your expectations! That happened to me recently with Fig Newtons. They weren’t bad, just not what as amazing as I thought they would be:( Well this is NOT one of those things! This Snickers Salad tasted exactly as I remember it, and boy was it good!!

Needless to say, today my belly is filled with this sweet and crispy apple “salad” that takes me back to my childhood!

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I think the only time I have ever eaten this salad was at a family reunion many years ago. I almost totally forgot about it! That could have been bad, like really bad!! This salad is an absolute necessary part of life! So the other day, when my younger sister said she had been craving fruit dip,my mind went back to this salad! This is one of only two fruit salads that I will ever eat!! (I will hopefully be making the other one soon!!) I despise fruit dip and fruit salads!! Probably because I am not a big fan of cool whip or pudding or canned fruit, which are common ingredients in fruit salads!

PLEASE!! LEAVE FRUIT ALONE! It should be eaten fresh! Don’t dip it, don’t bake it, don’t coat it in something (I’m not even that big of a fan of chocolate covered strawberries!)! Just don’t! Well I guess YOU can, but I never will! There are very very VERY few exceptions to this rule! (That other fruit salad I was talking about involves grapes!) Apples are one of those very few exceptions to the rule of leaving fruit alone!! Apples you can play around with! You can bake them in pies and toss them in this salad of course, and I’ll enjoy them that way too!

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I made this salad because my dad’s relatives are in town from Alaska and they are staying at our house! We have lots and lots of food, and it is absolutely wonderful! Yesterday was my favorite kind of day because I got to spend the majority of it at the grocery store and in the kitchen:) It’s not everyone’s favorite thing, but it’s mine!! We have tons of food now because we also have more family visiting from Illinois in a couple days!! It’s my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary, and a whole bunch of family is coming into town for the big party!! Which I have been told will have FRESH fruit!! Woot woot!!:)

Well anyway, last night we grilled out with the relatives from Alaska, my grandpa, my aunt and her son, as well as my uncle from California! Lots of good food was eaten, including this salad! It was a huge hit with EVERYONE!!! Especially with my dad’s cousin…so my second cousin once removed?? maybe?? Regardless of the proper term, he’s a family member, and he loved the salad! There were no leftovers!!

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Remember how I said I disliked pudding and cool whip, well those feelings are still very strong, so I changed this recipe a little bit to suit my tastes! Nothing super duper drastic, but I changed up the amounts of different ingredients! The recipe below is my version. My version coats the apples and snickers in the pudding mixture, but doesn’t leave them in a pool of pudding mixture! When I eat this salad, I don’t want to have to use a spoon. I just want to be able to pick up each little piece of Snickers and apples with a fork! Some people may like it soupy and spoon worthy, and if you are one of those people, just reduce the amount of apple and Snickers in the recipe! Or just reduce the apple amount because who wants to reduce the amount of candy in this “salad” 😉

When I made half the recipe, I made it with 3 apples. That was more than the recipe called for, but even that had too much pudding for me, so I  am bumping it up to 4 apples per half the recipe, so 8 apples total! This recipe is very adaptable! Just make the milk, pudding, and cool whip mixture and add apples and Snickers until you are satisfied!

Snickers Apple Salad

6 regular sized snickers, chopped

8 green apples, chopped

1 package vanilla instant pudding

1/2 cup milk

16 oz. tub cool whip

1. Whisk together the pudding mix, milk, and cool whip.

2. Stir in chopped snickers and apples.

3. Chill 1 hour and ENJOY!


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