What’s in Ashley’s Belly?

It’s my little sister’s birthday, so we are going to celebrate!! How you ask? Well, today instead of posting a new recipe, I am going to share all of her favorites from this blog! Ashley doesn’t often eat what I make for dinner:( This is partly my fault because I tend to want to try new things, and she’s much more of a classic kind of girl! She doesn’t like trying new things for the most part, when it comes to food. She would happily eat a pickle roll up for lunch every day (tortilla spread with cream cheese, layered with corned beef or turkey, then rolled around some pickles!) and have noodles with white sauce every night for dinner. I completely approve of those two food choices, and I tend to stick to the same things every day, at college especially (Lunch = Erbert and Gerbert’s Boney Billy with an apple and Dinner = spaghetti, cottage cheese, steamed veggies and fruit), but when I get to make dinner at home I like to try new and weird things! So anyway, she doesn’t often eat my dinner food, but she does eat my desserts, so when I asked her to pick her favorite recipes, she replied with desserts!!

Blog Pic #344

Yup, that’s her! found that picture on google;)

So let’s jump right in!

1.Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies

Blog Pic #232

These are also one of my favorites! These disappeared so quickly and everyone was totally in love! The salt on top is absolutely perfect:) If you make only one thing from my blog, these should be it! Believe me!! You can’t go wrong with a really good chocolate chip cookie, and these are an amazing chocolate chip cookie.

2.Lemon Poppy Seed Pudding Cookies

Blog Pic #224

I can’t believe a recipe of my own creation made it this high on her list!! I loved these cookies! I was craving lemon poppy seed everything and these hit the spot! Her favorite part about these cookies was the sugar coating! I rolled these cookies in sugar to imitate the crunchy coating of sugar on a lemon poppy seed muffin!

3.Snickers Apple Salad

Blog Pic #181

Snickers and Apples! Yumm! My favorites! That’s all there is to it! Have you ever had a caramel apple covered in Snickers? If not you totally should! They are quite delicious! But first, make this “salad”!!  Bring it to a party, and watch it get gobbled up:)

4.Fruit Pizza

Blog Pic #127

She didn’t even try this recipe, but apparently she knows she would love it! I’m not a big fresh fruit in my dessert kind of person. I would much rather have a slice of sugar cookie pizza with a side of fresh fruit. But hey I am weird, and most people love this dessert! Which is fine by me because I love making it:) Especially when I have lots of colorful fruit to decorate it with!

5.Reese’s Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookie

Blog Pic #89

Ashley and I made these cookies for her end of the year party because you just know everyone is going to love peanut butter and chocolate:) Its ‘s a magical combination! I personally prefer these Reese’s stuffed cookies, but that’s because I am a major fan of OATS!! Oats = Texture and Texture = Amazing! Either recipe is a winner though!!

6.Funfetti Gooey Butter Cookies

Blog Pic #47

Easy peasy! These are the perfect cookies for when you’re in a time crunch! make them with any cake mix! I still want to try chocolate, carrot cake, spice cake, and lemon! And probably a million other kinds are out there! There texture is so unique and unlike anything else!

7.Strawberry Kiwi Lemonade

Blog Pic #20

How you can know a recipe is your favorite without ever actually trying it is beyond me, but she still chose it! This is a recipe I made while in Alabama early in the summer. Please, please, please take me back!!! School is stressful, beginning-of-the-summer vacations are not!!

8.Cake Batter Oreo Cookies

Cake Batter Oreo Cookies

The first recipe on the blog!! And I  made them with Ashley! She also took this picture!! A big hit with the education majors I lived with last year!!

I love Ashley so much! We struggle to get along sometimes, but when we do we have a grand old time:) For example, this summer I took us to the toy store near where my grandparents live and she officially joined me in my love of lunch boxes! She got her very first one and I was so excited! I didn’t buy mine that day, but I regretted not buying it, so the next weekend, I went back and bought mine!! And because they’re cereal themes, we just had to buy the cereals and eat them together with our lunch boxes because we’re dorks!

Blog Pic #345

And this is us at the toy store!!


and this is her getting excited about lunch boxes!! I am so proud:)


Love you lots, Ashley! Have a great day! I wish I was there to celebrate with you:)


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