Sourdough Bread

Everyone needs a break every once in a while. Me, I need a break from crazy busy weekends. Don’t get me wrong, I love them with all my heart. Family is the best thing on earth, but I am looking forward to relaxing this weekend AT school. I have been gone the past 3 weekends or something like that, and it’s about time I stay at school. The plan is to spend zero money! I feel like I have been spending a lot of money on the weekends, so this weekend it’s all about the free entertainment!

Wow…that little paragraph took me way off track…I was supposed to use the whole “need a break” thing as a way to transition into this post, but then I got caught up in money! So let’s go back to that part about needing a break shall we?

Well this blog needs a break from dessert. I post a whole lot of dessert recipes because….well…I make a whole lot of dessert:) But I think it’s about time I give non-dessert foods a chance in the spot light. So today I bring you delicious carbs!! Like really delicious carbs! So delicious that I filled my belly with it every day for a week:) Partly because I needed to eat it before it went bad, but mostly because I it tasted amazing:)

Blog Pic #395

I love love LOVE bread! In all its forms! I especially love whole grain breads. I know some people are freaked out by the textures of seeds and such, but I live for that stuff. I am a strong lover of texture!! This bread however, is not like those breads at all. It is a hard core white bread! No super awesome health benefits, but a whole lot of yum benefits!!

Have you ever had sourdough bread?? Its a super chewy bread with a little bit of a sour taste to it. Not like lemon sour, but more like a tangy sour if that makes sense! I have always loved it, so when I saw this recipe a year or so ago, I went right ahead and made it. I made it, my family loved it, so I made it again:)

Those of you who know what sourdough bread is or have made it before may be thinking that you are in for a long process, but this recipe is super short compared to traditional sourdough recipes. Usually you have to make a starter that has to sit for almost a week so that it can begin to ferment and get that “sour” taste, but not this bread. This bread is so much easier!! The “sour” taste comes form the greek yogurt:) It still takes a long time to do all the rising and such, but it’s mostly down time!

Blog Pic #394

Word of advice…Do NOT forget the salt! I did the second time I made this bread:( I tried to knead it in at the end, but it didn’t work as well as planned. On the bright side, butter has salt in it, so when you butter up the bread it won’t even matter:)

So set aside some time to make this bread. Start it before work, and finish it later:) The more you let it rise, the better!!

The recipe is incredibly long, so just go to her website to check it out!!:) The only thing I changed was that I did not use “Instant” dry yeast, I believe mine is just “active” dry yeast! It seems to work just fine though!!:) I have had success with it two times now!


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